Planning on having kids at your wedding?

Here are some thing you'll want to think about.

Your wedding day may often be viewed as one seemingly endless to-do list. What kind of flowers? Where is everybody sitting? In what order should the wedding party walk down the aisle? These are all very important questions but, what about your littlest guests? Having kids at your wedding and/or reception is something you and your partner will want to discuss and decide on early when planning your special day.

If you've decided to have kids join in the wedding festivities (and I hope you do) there are some simple but often unthought-of of considerations to be made on their behalf. Everybody loves to feel special and having a wedding favor especially for children will help them feel included in what may otherwise seem like an adult only event. Favors can range from goodie bags, bubbles, candy, or even snacks. An every age appropriate favor might be a coloring book customized for your event and handed out with crayons before the ceremony or at the receptions. Whatever you plan to pass out, make sure you get at least a few extra, you'll be surprised how many kids at heart are out there, especially at weddings.

Some wedding couples have chosen to have a kid's room at the reception. This can have coloring books, stories, snacks or even DVD players with age appropriate movies to entertain the kids. Depending on the number of children some couples have gone as far as hiring a babysitter so the parents can enjoy themselves but still be on hand just in case. But don't forget the DJ you've hired for your event. Let him or her know when booking that you will be having children and request kid-friendly props or songs in their repartee.

Everybody knows a picky eater and those tend to be children. Something to consider with the caterer is a kid-friendly option. Duck a l'Orange and smoked salmon may be the delicacy you want to share with your guests but it may not exactly be a favorite of some kids. Having a few treats for them, even a jar of peanut butter or a bag of chips, can go a long way in keeping them happy.

Also remember don't hesitate to reach out to the parents of those children. Many of them will take the responsibility of making sure their child is entertained and behaving during the festivities, but asking them if there's anything that can be done will go a long way in helping everybody enjoy your wedding.

Kids at weddings are a special challenge but they can also be very rewarding. I'll never forget my father walking me down the aisle, looking up the aisle at my soon to be husband and hearing a 5 year old named Orla yell "Hi Laura!". Weddings take an enormous amount of planning and helping the children at your wedding enjoy themselves makes it a special day for them, for their parents, and in the end the most important people: you and your partner.

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